VIVID 2019

May 24th - June 15th

The Streets Of Barangaroo will come alive this VIVID festival and United is here to take you on an exploration with The Monolith: Activated Charcoal.

Activated Charcoal has a variety of rumoured health benefits including its hangover healing & prevention powers. Test out its powers between May 24th- June 15th with two new VIVID exclusive cocktail & dessert.


Will I Dream?
Four Pillars Dry Gin, Regal Rouge Wild Rose Vermouth, Aperol & Activated Charcoal. Edible Flowers Garnish.


Full of Stars
Activated Charcoal Graham Cracker, Dark Chocolate, Galaxy Marshmellow.

Make your booking now & ensure your spot for this space adventure and take off into a new flavour sensation.

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